Sustainable Energy

Renewable Energy


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  • Ground mount

  • Canopy mount

  • Roof Mount

  • Capex, lease, PPA

  • Sleeving arrangements

Solar powered car charging park


Energy resilience and UPS

New development site infrastructure capital cost reductions

Retrofit infrastructure upgrade cost reductions

Off grid solutions

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EV Charging Stations


An electric vehicle charging station is becoming a critical element of your infrastructure providing for the recharging of plug-in electric vehicles—including electric cars, vans and heavy commercial vehicles and plug-in hybrids.


Our wide selection of market leading charge points, cables and accessories have been sourced by our product specialists, who utilise their sector knowledge to find the best products with proven reliability and excellent value.


Offering both AC and DC options we can tailor our solution to meet your exact requirements and ensure your electrical infrastructure is adequate to support the additional loads

EV charging station port render


3 Year warranty

Dynamic Load Management

18th Edition Compliant

PV Compatible

Off-peak Time Shifting

Free Monitoring App

RFID Enabled

EV charging point mockup
Ev charging product render

Malcolm Stevenson Associates can provide tailored integrated energy systems for your site, anywhere in the UK. Get in touch with us to learn more.