Commercial Energy Management

Battery Storage


  • Provides site resilience: full or partial UPS

  • Integrates with voltage-regulation reducing consumption

  • Integrate with EV-charging

  • Super-low-loss amorphous-core transformers

  • Reduced harmonics and improved power quality

  • Load profile management

Virtue battery storage container
Interior of Virtue battery storage container

Revenues from Grid balancing services: FFR and Balancing Markets

Optimised renewables and on-site generation such as CHP and PV


Reduce bill costs: Triad and peak DUoS

Remote transformer diagnostics & maintenance

Capacity Market levy avoidance

EOS Management Systems

The Energy Optimisation System (EOS) is at the heart of our schemes.

Maximizing energy efficiency and power resilience energy futureproofing to power your business's future.

  • Generating cash surplus from Incomes derived from FtM incomes

  • Generate Savings from BtM

  • Generating EV sustainable incomes

  • Remove high UPS running costs typically 10% of capacity

  • Provide supply resilience N+1 and N+N experience UPS at no extra cost

  • Infrastructure Works, Distributed energy, CHP & PV optimisation etc

  • Remove high UPS running costs typically 10% of capacity

Solar powered car charging park

Distribution Transformers & Voltage Optimisation

Powerstar SO_LO amorphous core transformers meet and surpass 2021 EU Ecodesign Directive standards set by European Commission. Available up to 3 MVA 33-11kva 11kva-415v and oil or air cooled.

Manufactured in the UK.

HV Max incorporates voltage optimisation typically saving 8% of your energy cost backed by the Powerstar savings guarantee. Low voltage optimisation units are also available with guaranteed savings.
Whilst a standard Powerstar SO-LO is a 11kV to 415V smart distribution transformer, we can provide bespoke amorphous core solutions.

Powerstar SO-LO remote monitoring allows for greater visibility and understanding of how the equipment is operating providing comprehensive data 24/7 on:

  • Online oil analysis
  • Volts on each phase
  • Phase to phase metrics
  • Amps on each phase
  • Real power measured in kW per phase
  • Power factor
  • Temperature of core transformer
  • Harmonic distortion
  • Total system kVA
  • Total system kWh
  • GPS location
Battery Storage solutions diagram


11kV to 415V distribution transformer

36 month guarantee

Simple upgrade to HV infrastructure that can provide energy and cost savings

Meets and surpasses 2021 EU Ecodesign Directive standards set by European Commission

Dedicated customer service 24/7, 365 days a year

Experienced UK manufacturer of quality amorphous core transformers

Expected lifespan of up to 50 years

Monitored or standard options



Up to 75% lower core losses compared to CRGO transformers

Delivers greater consumption savings, on average, compared to traditional CRGO transformers

Contributes towards CSR by reducing CO2 emissions

Simple non-invasive energy efficiency system

Gain instant energy consumption savings

Remote monitoring allows for greater visibility of transformers operations

Reduce operating costs

Malcolm Stevenson Associates can provide tailored integrated energy systems for your site, anywhere in the UK. Get in touch with us to learn more.